Good server/hosting providers I know

Posted on Jan 24, 2023


  • OVH High quality vps with reasonable prices
  • Noez German server provider for cheap vServers (with pretty cheap extra IPv4 addresses)
  • Contabo Another german vServer provider with cheap storage servers

Root/KVM Servers

  • Netcup S-Tier root server provider. Good prices for decent hardware/uplink


  • Netlify Amazing free tier plan for static websites
  • Vercel Free plan is okay. Would not recommend using them as backend for most projects

I am honestly not the biggest fan of these serverless cloud providers and running your backend on them. Some downsides I have experienced:

  • Vendor lock-in everywhere
  • Vercel/Next.js tries to look bigger/more accpeted then they acutally are
    • Next.js backend api is a fucking joke
      • Middleware broken for years (now its acceptable)
      • Breaks compatibility with nearly every connect based library (its still build on connect tho i guess)
  • Only advantage they provide is ‘on the edge’ hosting/cdn stuff
  • Overpriced af. You are paying a lot for fancy UI and CI/CD. Both netlify and vercel are just reselling aws lambda as backend at the end of the day

// TODO: Add more providers when i remember them & add affiliate links // TODO: Do a more serious post where i talk/rant about vercel/next.js